Thomas Tormey SR was a farmer and stock-raiser, he was born in County Westmeather, Ireland on December 25, 1826. He immigrated to America with his father's family Thomas James Tormey SR when he was 20 years of age in 1847. His mother Catherine Caffrey Tormey died at sea on the passage to America. His father brought three children with him from Ireland, James, Thomas Jr and daughter Bridget; the oldest son Nicholas had come over in 1835. The family lived for a few months in the city of Lowell, Mass., where Thomas Jr learned the business of slating. His son Thomas Francis Tormey Jr who was born July 13, 1858, married Mary Finnegan in 1884; she was the daughter of Patrick Henry Finnegan and Agnes Robinson Finnegan. She was born on May 19, 1867. Together they had 8 children. Their youngest daughter Rose Lorraine Tormey was born January 5, 1907 in Bridgewater, South Dakota. Rose Lorraine Tormey would go on to marry Jack Thurman on January 6, 1925. Below are photos of Rose Lorraine and her family.

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